Domestic retrofit - an industry step change

domestic retrofit







This three year programme was designed to support a step change in the built environment industry by engaging London Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with the commercial potential of low carbon building and retrofit. Through the Institute’s strategic partnership with the Technology Strategy Board, businesses had access to learning from the UK’s leading retrofit demonstrator projects.

Highlights include:

  • Over 1,000 built environment businesses completed a programme of tailored support through workshops, seminars and one to one discussions
  • One hundred and thirty nine SMEs improved their business operations through their own environmental impact (such as water, waste, materials and CO2) and environmental processes such as implementing an environmental policy or gaining an accreditation for environmental management
  • One hundred and three innovation projects were completed and 59 businesses implemented a new product, process or service through the programme.

To find out how businesses benefitted, click on the links for SME testimonials and case studies

Analysis and best practice for the industry

The Institute worked with industry and academic experts to produce a range of credible analysis and industry best practice including:

    retrofit guides
  • The first independent analysis of selected retrofit projects from the Technology Strategy Board’s Retrofit for the Future (R4tF) programme to highlight the challenges and benefits of domestic retrofit. Working with UCL-Energy, this includes project team and resident interviews
  • Award winning 'Building Opportunities for Business' Retrofit Guides, covering the complete low carbon domestic retrofit process including planning and delivering a retrofit project. Written by industry experts, the guides have also been regularly updated in line with the latest developments on incentive schemes such as the Green Deal, Feed-in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive. Since their launch, the guides have been accessed online by just under 10,000 visitors
  • 'Best Practice Guidance for Successful SME Engagement’, a guide for large organisations looking to diversify their supply chain by engaging with SMEs. 

To view all analysis and guidance click here 

Using the learning and results from the programme, the Institute has shaped further projects to help encourage investor confidence in the market and promote a step change in the industry, including FLASH+, Queenborough and Rushenden and RE:Start Local.


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