Sustainable infrastructure and resources

Project spotlight
C2C demonstrator

Cradle to Cradle (C2C BIZZ)

The Institute worked with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the University of East London to build the first cross-business C2C demonstrator to apply Cradle to Cradle principles in practice on the London Sustainable Industries Park (London SIP) in East London. 

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An efficient and low carbon utilities infrastructure iss the foundation of a sustainable city. New models are required to deliver integrated energy, waste, water and ICT services.

These included new approaches to the way we generate, supply and manage energy and respond to water demand, and utilise technology to underpin these changes.

Through the SusLabNWE project, the Institute built a test facility known as the 'Living Laboratory' on the London Sustainable Industries Park (London SIP). The facility will look and behave like a residential property in order to test user interaction with energy and water efficiency more>>>

TURaS (Transition towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability) aimed to create practical solutions to help European cities become more resilient to the challenges of climate change, natural resource shortages and unsustainable urban more>>>