Retrofit analysis

UCL Energy Institute (UCL-Energy) has undertaken the first independent analysis of a selection of projects from the Technology Strategy Board's Retrofit for the Future (RftF) programme, which incorporates both the project team and occupant experience. It highlights the challenges and benefits of domestic retrofit to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as other organisations in the construction industry, to prepare for emerging business opportunities in retrofit.

UCL-Energy analysis on the selected RftF projects has resulted in a series of reports and summaries including:

Retrofit insights: perspectives for an emerging industry


Retrofit insights: perspectives from an emerging industry report

This independent review summarises the complete analysis to address a number of key issues including:

  • what retrofit can realistically achieve to help address the UK's low carbon targets
  • capturing the occupant's experience of retrofit measures and how they can add value to improve comfort in the home
  • how the supply chain needs to be developed to deliver large-scale retrofit.

To download a copy of the report click here (8MB).

This final report incorporates learning and insights from the analysis below:

Retrofit project team perspectives summary guides

Retrofit project team perspectives report and summary guides: working with residentsretrofit deliveryretrofit strategies, and mechanical and electrical systems integration.

At a series of 'wash up' meetings, the project teams in each R4tF project came together to identify lessons learned during the project and up to occupation. From these meetings, the key findings and early recommendations have been collated into a report and four summary guides.

To download the main report click here (2 MB).

To download the working with residents summary guide click here (1.2 MB).

To download the retrofit delivery summary guide click here (1.5 MB).

To download the retrofit strategies summary guide click here (1 MB).

To download the mechanical and electrical systems summary guide click here (1.2 MB).


Occupant centered retrofit

Occupant centred retrofit: engagement and communication guide and full post occupancy interview analysis

These publications aims to share the lessons learned from occupants' experiences from a sample of the R4tF projects in London and the good practice gleaned from them. The occupant centred retrofit guide summarises elements of the qualitative study of post occupancy interviews covered in the full analysis.

To download a copy of the engagement and communication guide click here (4 MB).

To download a copy of the post occupancy interview analysis click here (6 MB).




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