Transport and logistics

Project spotlight
LaMiLo distribution van


LaMiLo (Last Mile Logistics) aimed to create a step change in freight deliveries by ensuring that the 'last mile' of a supply chain was fully considered when planning a freight logistics journey.

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Transport and logistics play a key role in the delivery of sustainable cities and are an important factor for economic growth, while accounting for a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions produced in the UK each year, with over 70% of EU greenhouse gas emissions from road transport.

iTransfer aimed to improve water-based public transport in Europe’s North Sea Region by developing innovative and sustainable ferry technology.  By creating more efficient ferry operations and making regional ports more accessible, it also seeked to increase the number of passengers commuting by water. Travelling by ferry is often more sustainable, easier and quicker, and provides essential services to remote more>>>

LO-PINOD (Logistics Optimisation for Ports Intermodality: Network, Opportunities, Development) aimed to challenge existing thinking on freight distribution and offer more sustainable and efficient alternatives. By improving shortsea routes, local ports and their inland connections, LO-PINOD activity was designed to encourage more freight to be distributed by sea. This can help reduce over-reliance on road transport, lessen the environmental impact of supply chains and deliver social and economic benefits to communities and businesses across the North Sea more>>>

Weastflows (west and east freight flows) was a €9 million project designed to help make freight and logistics in North West Europe (NWE) more efficient and sustainable. Part-funded by the Interreg IVB NWE programme, the project addressed the need for connected freight flows between the North West Europe, the rest of Europe and more>>>