Renewable Energy

Renewable energy

This three year programme aimed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) secure supply chain and innovation opportunities arising from the increasing onshore renewable energy and low carbon building retrofit initiatives in South East England and beyond.

Highlights include:

  • Nearly 300 SMEs took part in the programme to improve their performance, becoming better prepared at submitting tenders and more competitive against larger competitors
  • Over 200 additional firms were engaged in business networks and over 60 companies developing new collaborations
  • Over 40 businesses strengthened their performance by increasing turnover
  • Over 130 new jobs were created through the programme.

To find out how businesses benefitted, click on the links below for SME case studies:

Analysis and best practice for the industry

The Institute worked with industry experts to produce a range of credible analysis and industry best practice including:

  • Local Procurement and Supply Chain Toolkit - to help SMEs benefit from the increasing focus on local supply chains by large buyers. The toolkit also gives both public and private sector procurers practical steps to apply best practice in their organisation and guidance on how to make it easier for local suppliers to work with them.
  • Renewable Energy Toolkit  - to help businesses increase their understanding of the markets so they can supply and deliver onshore renewable energy technologies and related low carbon services. The toolkit also provides property owners and asset managers to understand the relevance and viability of individual technologies, how they might be used, and what government support and incentives are available.

Using the learning and results from the programme, the Institute has shaped further projects to help encourage investor confidence in the market and promote a step change in the industry, including Rushenden and Scaling Up Retrofit.



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