Low carbon domestic retrofit guides


To explore the business opportunities emerging from the low carbon building and retrofit market, the Institute for Sustainability has produced a series ofBuilding Opportunities for Business’ Retrofit Guides'.

The ´╗┐guides draw on leading academic and industry experts ´╗┐and provide practical and commercially focused advice and best practice to both trades and professions including architects, party wall surveyors, builders, project managers, plumbers and electricians.

Click on the video above to learn more about the guides or to view the full online versions, where you can also download the guides in pdf version, click here.

The guides cover the following topics:Retrofit guides

  1. Introduction to the low carbon domestic retrofit guides
  2. Surveying and assessing dwellings for low carbon retrofit
  3. Planning low carbon retrofit projects
  4. Funding and procurement for low carbon retrofit projects
  5. Managing low carbon retrofit projects
  6. Improving the building fabric
  7. Improving the building services
  8. Green retrofit: materials, waste, water and maintenance
  9. Living in a low carbon home
  10. Identifying opportunities and promoting low carbon retrofit projects
A. Promotion programmes for low carbon retrofit
B. Skills, training and accreditation for low carbon retrofit


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